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 김 한 나 ( Kim, Hanna )
Location : 135 - 311B
Telephone : 02 - 880 - 9304
E-mail : kyhn1123@snu.ac.kr
석사학위 논문 : Anisotropy of elastic moduli, P-wave velocities, and thermal
conductivities of transversely isotropic rock and its borehole stability
관심연구분야 Research Interests
• 지열에너지 - 인공저류층 지열시스템 Geothermal Energy - Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS)
• 암반응력측정 Rock stress and its measurement
• 이방성 암석역학 Anisotropic Rock Mechanics

국제 학술지 International Journal
• Kim KY, Zhuang L, Kim H, Min KB, Strength anisotropy of Berea sandstone: Results of X-ray computed tomography, compression tests and discrete modeling, Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, 2016, 49(4):1201-1210.
• Kim H, Cho JW, Song I, Min KB, Anisotropy of elastic moduli, P-wave velocities, and thermal conductivities of Asan Gneiss, Boryeong Shale, and Yeoncheon Schist in Korea, Engineering Geology, 2012;147-148:66-77
• Cho JW, Kim H, Jeon S, Min KB, Deformation and strength anisotropy of Asan gneiss Boryeong shale, and Yeoncheon schist, International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, 2012;50:158-169.

국내 학술지 National Journals
• 김한나, 권새하, 민기복, 이방성 파괴 모델을 이용한 횡등방성 암반 내 시추공 안정성 해석, 한국자원공학회지, 2015년 제 52권 제 4호, 401-413, Kim H, Kwon S, Min KB, A Borehole Stability Analysis in Transversely Isotropic Rock Using Anisotropic Failure Criteria, J Korean Soc. Miner. Energy Resour. Eng., 2015:52(4):401-413
• 민기복, 린마오시, 김한나, 이재원, EGS 실증연구사례 - 영국 Rosemanowes 프로젝트와 호주 Cooper Basin 프로젝트, 암반공학회지, 2014년, 제 24 권 제 1 호, pp.21-31. Min, K.-B., Xie L, Kim, H.-N., Lee, J.-W., EGS field case studies – UK Rosemanowes and Australian Cooper Basin projects, Tunnel & Underground Space, 2014;24(1):21-31
• 양화영, 김한나, 김경민, 김광염, 민기복, 다공질 사암의 층리에 따른 국부적 공극특성 변화와 수리 이방성 특성, 한국암반공학회지, 2013, 제 23 권 제 3 호, pp.228-240. Hwa-Young Yang, Hanna Kim, Kyeongmin Kim, Kwang Yeom Kim, Ki-Bok Min, A study of locally changing pore characteristics and hydraulic anisotropy due to bedding of porous sandstone, Tunnel and Underground Space, 2013;23(3):228-240

국제 학술회의 International Conferences
• Kim H, Min KB, Bae SH, Stephansson O, 2016, Integrated in-situ stress estimation by hydraulic fracturing and borehole observation at EXP-1 hole in Pohang of Korea, RS2016, 7th Rock Stress Symposium, Tampere, Finland, p.333-340
• Min KB, Park B, Kim H, Experimental and numerical anisotropic rock mechanics, VIETROCK, 2015, p. 45-55
• Kim H, Min KB, Borehole Stability Analysis in Transversely Isotropic Rock using Anisotropic failure criterion, 7 th Asian Rock Mechanics Symp, Oct 2012, Seoul, Korea; pp.374-380.
• Cho JW, Kim H, Jeon S, Min KB, An experimental study on deformation and strength anisotropy of Asan gneiss, Boryeong shale and Yeoncheon schist in Korea, 12th ISRM Congress on Rock Mechanics, Beijing, China, 2011, Paper No.: ISRM11-0234
• Kim H, Cho JW, Song I, Min KB, Anisotropy of mechanical, seismic, and thermal properties of transversely isotropic rocks, Proc of the 4th International Conference GeoProc2011: Cross Boundaries Through THMC Integration, Perth, Australia, 2011, Paper No.: GP038

Department of Energy Resources Engineering, Seoul National University
1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-744, Korea
TEL: +82-2-880-7232, FAX: +82-2-877-0925, E-mail: webmaster@rockeng.snu.ac.kr